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there should be a two year period after high school where it is socially expected that kids not work or go to school or do anything but take road trips, read books, meet new people, and take lots of pictures

yeah that’s called a gap year… don’t you have that?

Not in America…


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Marauders Era dream cast

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I would be so happy.



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I would be so happy.

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Monsters University (2013) - Pixar Animation Studios


Paint falling, and then landing on fur would have scared the bejesus out of these animators when this scene was first pitched I mean my God.

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Moffat’s Women - Nancy
Nancy is an assertive and caring young woman - a leader, who the homeless children of London look up to with absolute trust. Whether it is using the air raids for a nice meal, forcing Mr Lloyd to let her go after being caught, or singing a transformed soldier to sleep, she is incredibly resourceful and quick on her feet. As a teenage single mother, Nancy has her demons and secrets. But when push comes to shove, she faces them proudly and it is her bravery that saves the world on that day in January 1941.

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Inspired by this fantastic song.

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In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]

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Found some old progression photos I took of a drawing of Cloud I did in spring 2008

Done in colored pencils and a little white watercolor.


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Hemingway and James Joyce were drinking buddies in Paris. Joyce was thin and bespectacled; Hemingway was tall and strapping. When they went out Joyce would get drunk, pick a fight with a bigger guy in the bar and then hide behind Hemingway and yell, “Deal with him, Hemingway. Deal with him.”

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My new OTP. :) *Imagine* them together.

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Ehrrrr….. I think I already did. 

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Sansa Stark meme: 1/10 scenes

“Sansa!” The boyish shout rang across the yard; Joffrey had seen her. “Sansa, here!”

He calls me as if he were calling a dog, she thought.

what I really love about this scene is that Sansa is trying to emotionally manipulate Joffrey into going to the most dangerous area of the fight. Don’t tell me she’s just a passive player, she picks her battles where she can and this is her shining moment of defiance. 

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Make me choose - Anonymous asked: Tyrion Lannister or Jaime Lannister?

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